Cruises on the Far South Coast


There are some truly amazing cruises you can take on the Far South Coast. Experience nature at it’s best.

Let a chartered cruise and experienced operators take to you some of the best whale watching destinations in the world.

You can see Humpback whales on their southern migration, but there’s also a chance of seeing other species of whales along with dolphins, which love to ride the bow waves, seals, seabirds of all kinds and more.

Listen to the whalesong through the hydrophone or take a cruise to Twofold Bay and discover the history of the fishing industry  and old whaling port and the natural beauty of the Far South Coast to boot.

Make sure you check out Cat Balou which has won many awards for their whale watching tours.

Freedom Charters from Eden offer a range of reef, game and kingfish fishing charters as well as whale watching and marine wildlife tours that are all more than worth your time.

Fishpen Charters leave from Mitchie’s Jetty for an ultimate fishing adventure and the Merimbula Marina is where a lot of the successful tuna chasing fishing boats leave. You’ll also find Reel Affair in the Merimbula Marina.

Whether you want some exciting deep sea fishing, the rare chance to spot and photograph some of the biggest living creatures on earth or just want an amazing getaway adventure, the Far South Coast has you covered.

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