Eden Killer Whale Trail

Eden KIller Whale Trail

When in Eden one of the best experiences is the fantastic Whale Trail, which leads around Twofold Bay. This self-drive day tour takes you to five historical sites, all of which are set in the breathtaking natural surrounds.

The dramatic history and story of whaling on the Far South Coast can be uncovered site by site as the complicated relationship between wild Killer Whales and and the intrepid whalers of the 19th Century reveals itself.

Find a new chapter of the story at each location. The journey can take half a day and there are some great places to stop for a picnic or lunch as a break.

Use a smartphone to scan the interpretive signs and view historical photos, videos and audio which helps you delve deeper into the story of the Killer Whales of Eden.

You can also download an mp3 track which is perfect to play while you drive between the places of interest. Revealing more of the story as go from place to place.

The mp3 file


Organised by Sapphire Coast Tourism, this inspirational tour begins and ends in Eden and visits many of the most popular whale watching vantage spots around Twofold Bay where visitors flock during the whale watching months.

Eden is one of the few places in the world where Humpback and Right whales are known to feed and sometimes breed.

Visit the Sapphire Coast Tourism website for access to GPS maps and google maps to help guide you around the trail.

Image: ‘Orca 12/20/14‘ uploaded by flickr user Mike Charest, licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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