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The Light to Light walk in Eden is a fantastic experience recommended for experienced bushwalkers. It amounts to a multi-day walk beginning at the iconic Boyds Tower and ends at the Green Cape Lighthouse.

The views are incredible, you’ll be exploring heathland, forest, tea tree groves and banksia woodlands, not to mention the sheltered coves and towering red-rock platforms from which to gaze out to the expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Bring some binoculars and take advantage of the opportunity to birdwatch and whale-watch along the way.

If you’d like to drop in a line, make sure to register for a NSW recreational fishing license.


The multi-day track includes campgrounds along the way equipped with picnic tables, barbecues and toilet facilities, depending how fast you tackle the full 30km track you could be looking at a one or two nights under the stars.

If a multi-day walk sounds like too much trouble, you can also enjoy most sections of the walk in smaller manageable chunks. We suggest starting or finishing at either end.

No matter what you choose, make sure you download the awesome audio-tour app to your iPhone or Android device to accompany you on the walk. The app has a wealth of information about the area’s aboriginal heritage, the flora and fauna you’ll encounter, the history of the area and much more.

Still not convinced? Take a virtual tour of the Light to Light walk on Google Street View Trekker.

For information on Bushwalking Safety, Beach Safety, Directions or estimated required supplies please refer to

Image 1: By claudio.cadosch – Green Cape Lighthouse, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Image 2: By Dhx1 – Own work, CC0,

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